SoShow #1



are you on social media?

Nah, so show me, dear.


Well, it’s really easy

this orange dot

means he’s busy

You can chat

when it turns green

but watch out, babe

tweeps can be mean.


Who is Tweeps

and who hurt his feelings?

Tweeps are all different

like a burrito’s fillings.



I dunno if Twirra is hella dry

but some tweeps are always thristy

I think their lips are even cracked

coz mans talk broken english


oh, and stock on ’em memes ish!


Are memes the funny pictures?

Yes! Screenshots are also in vogue

You’ll laugh till you’re dead

I’ll @ you in the morgue


like I was toe tagging 😀


So, I hear Twitter is where

you people leak nudes

are there some of

hot guys or buff dudes?

You might search and not find any

and never finish like Babel tower

but the alternatives are quite many

there’s even a Bible Hour!






I guess it’ll all depend

on who you listen to, coz everyone talks

In life, time is how we spend

watch who you give your tics and tocs

loving you


Loving you is hard

You demand two
Yet I have none

You require a lifetime
Yet I only have the lunch break

You demand full payment
Yet I struggle with the first installment

You shine a bright light with your presence
Yet I’m comfortable in the ugliness of the darkness

You demand a fully-formed man
Yet I secretly crave my pacifier

You desire wisdom to fill you up
Yet I am often fool to the brim

You demand unwavering commitment
Yet I’m not sure I was born with a spine

You desire a mind as solid as a rock
Yet only my meds keep me from running mud

You demand an image of your Father
Yet I’m fresh out of duplicating paper

Loving you is hard
Because I struggle to accept that
Loving me is worth it

Loving you is hard
Because I struggle to accept that
He is loving me

Thought about these things a while ago when I listened to the track Make me a believer by Andy Mineo.