Fiery tales 1


Do you believe in fairy tales?
Coz I can tell a tale in fair detail
About tha bird that lost its tail
Fare thee whale
Like Orca. Like Sperm.
That’s Olga. That’s Pam.
Those are the names of my exes, see
I was high on ecstasy
Skipped the (Y?) and X’d the Z’s

Didn’t need beauty sleep
Coz sleeping beauty was in my bed
I meant head.
I meant heart.
Roses are red
but Thorns are a part
two like a sequel
But pricks in the prequel
Punch holes in people
So the new role’s cast is hired
While we B-roll flat tyred


if Zacchaeus’s shortcomings
in chasing change
didn’t shortchange
his chase of he that
covers our shortfalls
like when thirsty souls fall
from trees they climbed
To seize a glimpse of glory,
we imps of folly
To catch a piece of peace,
release from our leash

Then I, too, can dine two
Or more
With the guy who
Cleans whiter than OMO



Wrote this one for Nevender because I lowkey look up to him.