Damsel in Distress

When you’re a Damsel in Distress,
Your biggest challenges are these;
Trusting that your Knight in shining armor will fight for you,
And that he will return to you victorious at the end of it all.

Your biggest itch is this;
that if you could fight, you would “help Him out”.
Afterall, two fighters are better than one.

But, if we’re being entirely honest,
the Damsel in Distress longs to fight like her Knight because
Deep in her heart,
she desires to depend on nobody but herself for life.
This reliance on her Knight is a weakness in her eyes and a flaw in her design.
True independence / autonomy, she tells herself, is not in the sharing of roles,
but in becoming single-handedly able to fulfill all the roles.
That way, she ensures that she relies on / needs nobody else for sustenance but herself.

In, that, her ideal place,
Everyone is welcome
And But
Everyone is disposable
The day she loses interest in them,
or their usefulness to her comes to an end,
she discards them.

Deep inside,
she desires to be her own Knight.
she desires to be her own Savior.
Deep inside,
she desires to be God.

this is part of a conversation I had with the p0et in 2017