There once was a man
Pathfinder, he was called
Like him, there was none
Dating back to days of old

He wandered the village
Trudged each day with all his might
Witnessed the plunder and pillage
That took many like him overnight

But he walked on and on
Frame bold as the noonday sun
Feet intimate with stone and bone
Mind sharp as the hammer of the gun

This kind of resilience was praised
Only when if it did pay off
It was rare like the dead being raised
Or the president being laid off

And so Pathfinder, he did attract
More for his heart than for his purse
Flocks of ladies sought his contact
This was his blessing and his curse

Because in due time, our dear buddy
Smitten by one of the village belles
Awoke with his judgement rather muddy
After he’d dreamt of wedding bells

Pathfinder asked the dame to tag along
For a great expedition indeed lay ahead
He was glad she didn’t think too long
Her “yes” had him blushing pink and red

He grabbed his load, smiled at blue skies
And they were off to the great adventure
Their bellies danced from the butterflies
To him without wisdom, do not add venture

For in due time, our traveling couple
Stood still where the road had forked
The paths to take were now a couple
And after a silence, his belle, she talked

“Pathfinder, my love, which do we take?
You told me one leads us to the lake…”
For the trekking had left her with an ache
She longed to rest at the sunny beach deck

Pathfinder stood motionless and mute
As his lady gently requested for attention
His now-confused mind tried to compute
But it brought about nothing but tension

“Pathfinder, you man, which do we take?
You told me one leads us to the lake..?”
By now, she’d had it up-to her neck
And calmness, she could no-longer fake

“I do not know what path to follow
I do not know what road to take
Inside, I am empty and hollow
I think this was all a mistake…

Oh, village belle,

…Return at once to your father
And forget me like a bad dream
For I was never the Pathfinder
I, too, am searching for Him”

splinters and logs


My pastor is the best
My pastor is the best
My pastor, quite frankly
is better than the rest

His mic is at his chest
Gosh, he has the biggest pects!
Preaching healing laced with jest,
He reads the scripture with nice spects


My president is the best
My president is the best
My president, quite frankly
is better than the rest

His hat on his head mind
A wiser grandpa, none can find
His heart is on his sleeve
He even lets his captives live


My opinion is modest
My opinion is modest
My opinion, quite frankly
is modesty at its best

I’m impartial when I judge
On my beliefs, I’d never budge
I’d never steal, come rain or sun
Maybe to feed my wife and son

Ravines and Redemption


The falls, they are many
The falls, they are great
The falls, they hurt
The falls, they break

The wounds, they are heavy
The scrapes, oh they ache
The fractures, the fractures
They bind us to our beds

The hearts, they are broken
The pieces, they are stomped
The hopes, they are sprinkled
Upon the fieriest of coals

We have mourned the journey
We have cursed the ravine
But what shall heal you, honey?
Kisses or Medicine?

it’s hot


It’s hot beyond the door.

stay inside and close the door

light outside belts out a tune

sandy dune gets up mid-June


The sand screams

the sand storms out – no sunscreen.


The sun screams

melts their ice cream

the sand’s cream-hater

the sand’s cremator


the sand’ll scream later

first, find a friggid shelter

save sloppy sand from the swelter

that dire dune that’s dad’s delta


here comes the icecream man

his van iller than the sun’s sucker straw

berry allen couldn’t scoop sand up that chap

raisin the bar. board early, chalk-o-late. take notes

as the cone man’s car-a-more with guts

scoops up the Coco gnats – the sand is nuts

He looks so good


He smells like the clouds.
Everytime He looked at me
I felt honored
to have had his attention

I knew he wasn’t mine
From the moment I saw him
But that did not stop my heart
From wandering to his hands

His beautiful hands
that reached out for me
Everytime we hugged
Although I must admit
I did most of the hugging

When he was with another
I was comfortable with mediocrity
But every time we were together
I couldn’t help but notice
How perfect he is.

I have photos of us
Photos that captured
Smiles but not joy
Embraces but not love
Proximity but not intimacy

Photos that captured
Time but not moments
Expressions but not emotions
Good but not God

He looks so Good
He looks so God


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalms 127:3 (NKJV)

For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse
Romans 1:20 (NKJV)

Fiery tales 1


Do you believe in fairy tales?
Coz I can tell a tale in fair detail
About tha bird that lost its tail
Fare thee whale
Like Orca. Like Sperm.
That’s Olga. That’s Pam.
Those are the names of my exes, see
I was high on ecstasy
Skipped the (Y?) and X’d the Z’s

Didn’t need beauty sleep
Coz sleeping beauty was in my bed
I meant head.
I meant heart.
Roses are red
but Thorns are a part
two like a sequel
But pricks in the prequel
Punch holes in people
So the new role’s cast is hired
While we B-roll flat tyred


if Zacchaeus’s shortcomings
in chasing change
didn’t shortchange
his chase of he that
covers our shortfalls
like when thirsty souls fall
from trees they climbed
To seize a glimpse of glory,
we imps of folly
To catch a piece of peace,
release from our leash

Then I, too, can dine two
Or more
With the guy who
Cleans whiter than OMO



Wrote this one for Nevender because I lowkey look up to him.