I envy you


There are times I envy you.

You rest so peacefully.

You don’t wear a smile anymore

But that’s only because

Your joy is now complete


There are days I wish I were you

Well, were where you are

The text paints a picture of peace, and

Experience sneaks me in for a glimpse

I ache from the disconnect


Tumwe, mwana, simanyi

Ebya wano bikooya

Obukoowu buntuuse mu magumba

Obunafu gwe musaayi gwange

Nalabye omuzira mummy e’jjo

Nze n’agogera nga sigalina

Naye yanyanirizza nnyo

Yanfumise n’essanyu. Mugumu.

Kyoka nga nze, empewo nga yendagirira

Tumwe, mwana, sikyamanyi


Omugezi wange, Nev, binsobedde

Kale manyi nti amaanyi si gange

Naye neetamye, nze nga nze

Ela wano wendi, mpulira nzigwedemu

Wakyiri singa mbade mwesiga

Okusinga ko wano wendi

Mwana omuntu atalabika-labika

Muzibu wa kulirizaamu

Omugezi wange, Nev, binsobedde


Eyatonda byona n’agamba nti

Ekisa kyange kikumala,

Era obusobozi bw’amaanyi gange

Osinga bulaba mu bunafu bwo


Tolimbye, nanyini nsi,

Nze nsaba busabi butandeka,

‘Kuba, guno omulimu gwewampadde

Sigusobola nga toliiwo awo nange


Ntaasa, nanyini bulamu

Ntaasa, mukama wa byona

Ntaasa, nze ekisooto obusooto

Kyewawa omukka, n’omwana wo

Kyewanunula mu bulamu namaddala

Ntaasa, gwe mubuumbi wange

Eyasoka wo, ali ne kaakano, era alibeera wo

Lubeerera na Lubeerera,




Damsel in Distress

When you’re a Damsel in Distress,
Your biggest challenges are these;
Trusting that your Knight in shining armor will fight for you,
And that he will return to you victorious at the end of it all.

Your biggest itch is this;
that if you could fight, you would “help Him out”.
Afterall, two fighters are better than one.

But, if we’re being entirely honest,
the Damsel in Distress longs to fight like her Knight because
Deep in her heart,
she desires to depend on nobody but herself for life.
This reliance on her Knight is a weakness in her eyes and a flaw in her design.
True independence / autonomy, she tells herself, is not in the sharing of roles,
but in becoming single-handedly able to fulfill all the roles.
That way, she ensures that she relies on / needs nobody else for sustenance but herself.

In, that, her ideal place,
Everyone is welcome
And But
Everyone is disposable
The day she loses interest in them,
or their usefulness to her comes to an end,
she discards them.

Deep inside,
she desires to be her own Knight.
she desires to be her own Savior.
Deep inside,
she desires to be God.

this is part of a conversation I had with the p0et in 2017

Behind those glasses


Your hair is as the cascading strands
Of the Sezibwa falls
Leaping majestically
Frozen dramatically in time
As they whisper about so eloquently
Around your ki-nice head
What are you hiding
Behind those glasses?

Your ka-nose is like mine
Getting it right on the first try
Doing the arm’s work with a pinky
This might not be Las Vegas but
I’m sure Michael would NV it
It’s annoying how well
It fits on your ka-dope face
But I digress
What are you hiding
Behind those glasses?

Your tu-lips are stressful
I once stole your photo from Facebook
because of your lips.
At the time, I didn’t even know it was you
I was intrigued by their appearance
The way I am intrigued by excellent art
I really want to feel them
In a very very very platonic way
But for real
What are you hiding
Behind those glasses?

Your eyes. They’re a mystery.
Those windows to your soul
Are made of stained glass
I tried to peep inside you that day
When we met
But all I saw was
A whole lot of color
A whole lot of quirks
And for the answers I sought
You left me with
A whole lot of questions
Chief among which is

What are you hiding
Behind those glasses?

He looks so good


He smells like the clouds.
Everytime He looked at me
I felt honored
to have had his attention

I knew he wasn’t mine
From the moment I saw him
But that did not stop my heart
From wandering to his hands

His beautiful hands
that reached out for me
Everytime we hugged
Although I must admit
I did most of the hugging

When he was with another
I was comfortable with mediocrity
But every time we were together
I couldn’t help but notice
How perfect he is.

I have photos of us
Photos that captured
Smiles but not joy
Embraces but not love
Proximity but not intimacy

Photos that captured
Time but not moments
Expressions but not emotions
Good but not God

He looks so Good
He looks so God


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalms 127:3 (NKJV)

For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse
Romans 1:20 (NKJV)

Fiery tales 1


Do you believe in fairy tales?
Coz I can tell a tale in fair detail
About tha bird that lost its tail
Fare thee whale
Like Orca. Like Sperm.
That’s Olga. That’s Pam.
Those are the names of my exes, see
I was high on ecstasy
Skipped the (Y?) and X’d the Z’s

Didn’t need beauty sleep
Coz sleeping beauty was in my bed
I meant head.
I meant heart.
Roses are red
but Thorns are a part
two like a sequel
But pricks in the prequel
Punch holes in people
So the new role’s cast is hired
While we B-roll flat tyred


if Zacchaeus’s shortcomings
in chasing change
didn’t shortchange
his chase of he that
covers our shortfalls
like when thirsty souls fall
from trees they climbed
To seize a glimpse of glory,
we imps of folly
To catch a piece of peace,
release from our leash

Then I, too, can dine two
Or more
With the guy who
Cleans whiter than OMO



Wrote this one for Nevender because I lowkey look up to him.

Letter #2


Dear rabbi,


I can’t pretend to be casual around you,

Not anymore

I can’t pretend that my heart doesn’t beat faster when I see you

When I see you approaching.


I want to give you the tightest hug

and hope it won’t hurt when I squeeze a little too much,

I want to dance and sing

When I see you walking towards me,

I’m excited that you make time for me

That you have yet again chosen me,

I want to ululate, hold your hands, twirl around with you,

even though some scrapes of shyness still linger in my life.


My clients, they come from far and wide,

They go to great troubles to conceal our meets.

I understand that they have wives and husbands

Some even teach the law to the rest of us sinners

But, sometimes,

I wish they would profess their love for me

(or my services)

the way they do it when I’m in their beds.

Sometimes, I wish, at least one of them

would be overwhelmed by my touch

enough to declare it in the city,

to praise me before their wives or husbands.

I know, rabbi. It’s selfish. But, I often have no one to talk to –

and that’s why when you said I could talk to you about anything,

I decided to write this letter.


I actually wanted to come by the Temple the other day

when you said you would be teaching,

but my previous night had been tiring.

5 customers. 5 wealthy customers, rabbi!

At least I can now send some provision for my daughter

I miss her so much! She has the most beautiful smile…


Rabbi, you are not ashamed of me. Of my business.

It’s as if you do not see what other people see.

You visit me during the day, when everyone is watching.

You come to chat and break bread while everyone else comes to use

whichever part(s) of me their coins can afford them.

You leave me stronger than you found me

every. single. time.

I can’t express how joyful; how grateful I am

that you are my friend. that you seek me out.

that you teach. you encourage. you love me, a woman of the street.


I won’t be casual with you, rabbi!

I won’t be calm and collected with you

That is not who I am

That is not what my heart feels

I will try to express my heart in whatever way is natural for me

I will try to show you my love in whatever way you consume love

I can’t afford to be shy anymore.

I can’t afford to be shy around those people.

They don’t know how much I love you.

They will never know how much you have loved me.

I will not let them contribute to the expression of my love for you.


I can’t be casual with you anymore.

The cup that is full shall overflow.

I can’t be casual with you anymore, my love.


PS: Forgive me if I sound a bit too forward, rabbi. A smooth tongue is required in my line of business.

PPS: I finally saved enough to get the Alabaster flask of my favorite perfume I’ve been whining to you about 😀 I’ll show you sometime. I heard you’ll be at one of my clients’ house this week, maybe I’ll look for you there 🙂


Yours forever,



I imagine these are the events leading up to Luke 7:36-50

SoShow #1



are you on social media?

Nah, so show me, dear.


Well, it’s really easy

this orange dot

means he’s busy

You can chat

when it turns green

but watch out, babe

tweeps can be mean.


Who is Tweeps

and who hurt his feelings?

Tweeps are all different

like a burrito’s fillings.



I dunno if Twirra is hella dry

but some tweeps are always thristy

I think their lips are even cracked

coz mans talk broken english


oh, and stock on ’em memes ish!


Are memes the funny pictures?

Yes! Screenshots are also in vogue

You’ll laugh till you’re dead

I’ll @ you in the morgue


like I was toe tagging 😀


So, I hear Twitter is where

you people leak nudes

are there some of

hot guys or buff dudes?

You might search and not find any

and never finish like Babel tower

but the alternatives are quite many

there’s even a Bible Hour!






I guess it’ll all depend

on who you listen to, coz everyone talks

In life, time is how we spend

watch who you give your tics and tocs